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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The New Project: Bella's Kindness!

Sometimes it takes a special person to remind us of everything we already know we should do but aren't practicing - or just aren't focusing on.

Enter my amazing cousin Bella, who sees the world through kind eyes that most 13 year-olds will shut during those tough years when conformity and peer acceptance often mean more than what you learned at church or from your parents.

Bella doesn't flinch when someone says something mean to her; she brushes it off. And she doesn't hesitate to go out of her way if it means someone else won't be bullied.

Here is her 13th birthday wish:

In a nutshell, she asked everyone who came to her 13th birthday party to pay it forward by doing three kind things each day. She even, at 13, understands the motivation that comes with setting a goal: If she and her mom do 50 kind things combined, they will have a girls' day together.

There is so much to be grateful for - it's all a matter of how we interpret it (Example: Oh, great, the dog is licking my son's milk cup. OR... Wow. My one and a half year-old is so generous, he loves to share with his dog!)

It's just very easy to forget! Climb on board and try to do three kind things each day for someone else. I know Bella would really appreciate it if you sent her an email about it at

Thanks for your support, and let's be kind together!

xoxo Petrea