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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Changing Diapers When You Have a Weak Stomach

My husband has a very weak stomach. Almost everything makes him gag, which means poopy diapers are a pretty big challenge for him.

Now before you think he's just a wuss, which I used to - or using a lame excuse to get out of diaper duty - let me clarify: He really has a weak stomach. When I have the stomach flu he lovingly hands me cold washcloths through the cracked bathroom door, because if he saw what was in the toilet he would be doubled over next to me. He has to hold his breath the whole time he changes the litter box. He once ate a bad burger from McDonald's and now if we're passing one and the aroma wafts into the car, he gags.

Once he actually threw up after his cousin farted. And we were outside.

So, back to the diaper thing. Obviously for practical purposes he can't avoid changing one until our son is potty-trained. However, once I put my foot down after a particularly nasty newborn baby-poop blowout and Matt started gagging so much I had to take over for fear of cleaning up vomit and poop. In order for him to change poopy diapers, he had to get creative - so he wears a respirator mask.

I'm not talking about one of those masks they want you to wear if you go to the Minute Clinic when you're contagious. I'm talking about an industrial-grade, chemical respirator. He has several because he used to go into copper mines for work, where they're required for safety. He wears it each and every time he has to contend with a poopy diaper. (It's okay to make fun of him; I do. Regardless, it works.) Sometimes he even lines the inside with a dryer sheet.

And - eventually - my son wasn't fazed by having Darth Vader change his diaper.

If you are someone with a very weak stomach and interested in this approach, you can actually purchase one of these here. Who knew?

Or you can try the trick my husband learned while watching Dirty Jobs: apparently you cannot gag while smiling. I guess it's like trying to sneeze with your eyes open; it just can't be done. Now, according to Matt it can't just be your average Hey, How Ya Doin'? smile - the one you flash while passing an acquaintance in the hallway. It has to be an exaggerated, borderline-ridiculous smile in order to work.

He wouldn't demonstrate for the camera, but you know - the type Tom Cruise is famous for:

As my husband put it, when he explained all of this to me... "Maybe that's why they call it a shit-eating grin."

Above our diaper changing station.

Admittedly, changing diapers can be pretty disgusting. Does anyone have any tips to make it easier? Let me know, and good luck!

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