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Thursday, January 30, 2014

100 Happy Days

I am always looking for ways to stay positive and feel better, so when I saw this project I decided I had to try it. (Don't get me wrong: I spent a whole Sunday debating about it because honestly, it's kind of a big commitment when your free time usually = brushing your teeth before bed.)*

I'm enjoying this project for several reasons. One: I know I will be able to look back on a bunch of happy memories because I committed to posting them on Facebook. Two: I notice things in a different way when I have to document them. (Ordinarily I might not pay much attention when my husband does some small, nice thing, but if I stop, take a picture, and post it, I will.) Three: I am constantly looking for reasons to be happy, because I know I have to produce a picture by the day's end! And looking for reasons to be happy kind of makes me feel happier in general!

Click on the picture to see Day 22:

Check out my ongoing efforts here: #100happydays

*When I make comments about being busy or having very little free time, I am rarely complaining. Everyone is busy. Talking about my busy schedule is just context, unless I admit I am complaining... which I promise I will always do.

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