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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Isis' Style

I have never been particularly fashion-forward - I do most of my shopping at Ross - but we all have people in our lives who just always look like they have it together. My coworker Isis not only has a cool name, but she also knows how to put together an outfit, style her hair, and accessorize like nobody's business. She made fun of me a little but agreed to help me with my blog by posing for pictures whenever she comes in wearing something supercute. Here is today's edition:

It was cold by Arizona standards (58 degrees), and this girl has the style to own and rock an adorable white trench coat!

Not only that, she was sick, came in to work, and accessorized like a boss. I'm lucky if I enter the office healthy, on time and not covered in food or some sort of child-related gunk. (Don't get me wrong: I never looked like this pre-child. I just looked like a less-mussed me.)


Isis is my fashion hero and a stud because she came in sick (though not contagious - she's not a jerk) to get stuff done!

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