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Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's the Little Things: White Teeth

There are lots of little things that affect your opinion of someone's appearance, but that you don't consciously notice. One thing I observed that makes people look noticeably younger is a set of pearly-white teeth. And I'm here to deliver some happy news: in most cases, you don't have to break the bank to get them!

Obviously, we all notice when someone's teeth are yellow (or missing), but a dull white hue is something you may not notice. Still, it affects our overall appearance. Someone with bright white teeth looks cleaner, brighter, and yes, younger.

I'm not going to hate on Lindsay Lohan because that's been done enough, (and not my style), so I'll give you a subtler example, of Nicole Kidman:

She's beautiful, yes, and you would probably say so looking at either picture. But the subtle difference here is her teeth. In the picture on the right she looks brighter - almost sparkly.

If you are blonde or have fair skin, white teeth make a huge difference (see how monochromatic Nicole's entire head looks on the left?). White teeth also pop against dark hair and a tan. So here's the great news I promised... Unless you really feel you need a whitening procedure, Crest Whitestrips do the trick!

Yes, I'm telling you that all you need to do is purchase these over-the-counter whitening strips (I've found they're usually cheapest at Target), and you will see results. Unless you have deep stains, I never spring for the fancy 3-D strips - I just go with old reliable, the original. I used them both in my beer-guzzling college days and the caffeine-fueled days of my early career, when my teeth should have looked like Lilo's.

A few applications makes a world of difference and you don't really have to use them twice a day, as the directions recommend*. They seem expensive, but used sparingly they last forever and keep your teeth pearly-white.

I have sensitive teeth, and they can give you a tingly, uncomfortable feeling at first. But it's worth it (remember all those braces tightenings at the orthodontist? They seem worth it now, don't they?).

Below are two pictures: the first, before I got pregnant and used Crest White Strips semi-regularly, and the second, while I was pregnant and too paranoid to put chemicals on my teeth. The difference is subtle but clear. In both, my roots are showing, and these pictures were taken mere months apart; still, the difference is apparent.


So get yourself some Whitestrips to make that subtle difference that will enhance your overall look! Chances are, nobody will say, "Wow, your teeth are really white" - but they might. And if they don't notice, but see how good you look, you'll get some compliments anyway.

It's the little things.

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