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Monday, February 24, 2014

Local Review: Blue Willow Restaurant

This weekend I got a rare treat: since I had to go into work on Saturday morning my husband told me to meet up with my mom and sister while he watched the baby so I could have some "me time." As an avid extrovert, I generally think "me time" is an overrated concept, but add the company of my two favorite ladies and it immediately sounds like a great idea!

We went to lunch at the Blue Willow, which has been around forever (since 1978, to be precise). My mom and I love the restaurant, but it was my sister's first experience there. We were trying to think of a place with an outdoor patio that doesn't border one of Tucson's busy streets, so I suggested this restaurant. It has a beautiful enclosed patio in the back of the building filled with lattice, blooming plants, a fountain, and strings of lights.

My mom and I ordered the grilled chicken breast sandwich, made with basil pesto, tomato, mozarella cheese and served on brioche ($8.95).* My sister ordered the Eggs Benedict Blue Willow (also $8.95), even though it was 3pm. (I never judge anyone for eating breakfast at all hours - breakfast foods are often the best foods.) Everything we ordered was delicious.

My Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

If you care, they have Vegan and gluten-free menus. In fact, this restaurant is so healthy my sandwich came with a fruit garnishment instead of fries. Personally, I would prefer the fries, but if you're more health-conscious than I am you will enjoy the variety of healthy options they offer.

This restaurant was the perfect patio experience we were seeking, and it's classy enough for my mom but not too expensive - or so hoity toity my sister couldn't wear her workout pants.

Bonus: It also has a pretty cute gift shop! My coworker bought this magnet there:

*I realize this review would be more helpful had my mom and I ordered different meals, but it just sounded really good; sorry.

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