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Friday, February 21, 2014

Video Monitors are Great. Here’s When I Don’t Use Mine.

As expressed in my previous post Baby Registry 911, I think video monitors are amazing*. They let you check on your little one when you don’t want to risk a meltdown and demands of “Pick me up!” However, there is one instance when I won't use my video monitor.

Since my son was a newborn, I’ve tiptoed into his room once I knew he was asleep to say a little prayer over him in his crib. I think about the giggles, the kisses, the “conversations,” the playing – even the meltdowns – that happened during the day. I thank God for him. I pray that he will be safe, healthy, smart and strong. I know that when he’s older, we’ll say these prayers together. But while he’s too little to understand, it’s important to me to take these short moments to thank God for such a little (and BIG) blessing.

The video monitor is great for naps, great for checking on him, and great for making sure he’s asleep before I sneak into his room to pray for him. But being without him for 11+ hours a day while I’m at work means that any extra chance to be in his presence, hear his breathing, and watch his tiny movements is too sacred to experience through a monitor. I treasure that quick prayer and the wave of gratitude that comes over me when I say it after a busy day – maybe even a day I was too “busy” to give him 100% while he was awake.

I guess when he’s 14 he may not appreciate me coming into his room to thank God for him. But for now, it’s one of the best parts of my day.

*Buy one here.

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