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Friday, February 21, 2014

6 Toddler Toys We Just Love

From our house to yours, here are some of the toys that Johnny can't get enough of. All of them teach him something and I recommend them for any child (mine is 15 months). I hope your toddler enjoys them as much as ours does!

1. A Musical Table

This is something Johnny loved as soon as he was big enough to stand. It's actually called an "activity table," but my son just presses each button (skipping the educational numbers and colors) until the music comes on and dances! Be prepared to have all the songs memorized. Buy it here.

2. A Play House

Is your child as obsessed with light switches as mine?* We can't walk by one without him yelping because he wants to turn it on... and off... and on... So whenever he's adamant about the light switch thing, I tell him to go get his "house." He plays with the switch ad nauseam, and the other features are pretty fun for him too. Buy it here.

3. Stackable cups

When he hadn't quite reached the right developmental stage, all Johnny wanted to do was throw these. Now, it's amazing to watch him figure out how they fit together (or don't). He stacks them upside-down and rightside-up... and still occasionally throws them. He even tried to put one inside my water cup, which makes perfect, logical sense for a 1 year-old! Buy them here.

4. A Book Like This

My little one went through a phase in which he had zero interest in books. After months of being seemingly enthralled with Little Blue Truck**, he squirmed and slapped the pages shut whenever I tried to read to him. Our pediatrician suggested books he could relate to - ones with pictures that had something to do with his everyday life.

On a trip to Buy Buy Baby I showed him this "Words" book, and because the cat pictured looks exactly like our gray cat, he immediately leaned in and kissed the page. I bought the book - not just because once my child's slobber is on something I feel obligated to purchase it - and he loves to bring it over to me during playtime so I can read it with him.

Bonus: It has sliding windows so he can see the word "ball" and listen to me say it as he slides it over. Buy it here.

5. Stuffed Animals

Obviously, I know. But having a few of these around the playroom brings out a different side of Johnny. Maybe it's because we actually have a dog, but whenever he picks this guy up he transitions to a softer voice, strokes him and lays his head on him - almost like he's taking care of the dog. He never throws him like he does everything else. It's fun to see your little one playing parent to one of his toys.

6. Balls

Another "duh," but worth mentioning. My son loves throwing, kicking, and giving us his balls. Because he's had so much practice and exposure, he knows what we mean when we say, "Johnny, where's your soccer ball?" He will pick up the soccer ball instead of his football. Great for learning, and especially great if you have a very physical child.

If you have any great toys your child loves, please share them in the Comments section!

*Good to know we're not alone, isn't it? I choose to believe he is advanced, of course.

**Little Blue Truck is easily my son's favorite book of all time. It has it all: narrative, animal noises, different voices, and you can act out what's going on as your child gets older (swerve when the dump truck swerves, etc.) Buy it here.

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